Dev status

If you report of a bug, a crash or other forms of disfunction please provide as much information as possible (under which conditions, after which amount of time, after application of which parameters etc.). A single info such as "it crashes" or "it does not work" is completely useless to us. Ideally provide a short screen cast of what is happening on your machine as this is the most effective way to figure to actual problem.


Current Soundjack version (Released Monday, 11th of June 2020):

  • 16 channel support and channel selector (requires debugging – please report)
  • first official mixing server implementation (Mix server Nürnberg)
  • bypass of the SJ mixer / direct output of received streams to an audio server (individual channel mapping)
  • internal UDP port change to 50050
  • Allow peers to behave like mixing servers (send the received sum to anyone connected)
  • Windows: Show ASIO control panal as replacement for sample buffer configuration
  • Windows: WASAPI support for inbuilt soundcards (avoid sample buffers < 512)


Currently priorizized requests:

  • IPv6 support
  • inbuilt metronome
  • 96 kHz and 192 kHz support
  • implementation of a VST interface (delayed)
  • Video debugging on Linux and improvement on OSX and Windows 
  • Soundjack hardware (done, beta tests running – see


Not scheduled yet:

  • 32 bit Linux version
  • Casual ID user list conflicts
  • More mixer features such as panning
  • implementation of a streaming server
  • MIDI Support
  • communicate user status (waiting for calls, private, auto decline)
  • iOS / Android implementation
  • profile features such as instrument, availability etc.


Chat (time zone: UTC)

Ross Byron - 23:21

plesed to meet you

Ross Byron - 23:21

motu 828 ill sync them up sometime

Bernd Keul 2 - 20:51

bpm is 90

Bernd Keul 2 - 20:51

Ross Byron - i use blackhole on the sending side and a combi of blackhole and Motu on the recieving side, i managed to sync ableton to the click on track 7-8 with the max for live device beatseeker

QuinnPatrickAnkrum - 20:35

Woo hoo Dana Zenobi!!

Ross Byron - 19:58

berndkeul - got it worked good

Ross Byron - 19:57


Ross Byron - 19:55

useing soundflower

Ross Byron - 19:55

i have all 8 chs indepent going into abelton live

Ross Byron - 19:51

going for 8

Ross Byron - 19:43

what your bpm?

Ross Byron - 19:35

am listening in 2 channels to you berndk

Ross Byron - 19:32

cool am in the old school site

berndkeul - 15:42

... on the Bernd Keul 2 acount ...

berndkeul - 15:42

i´m sending 8 channel percussion ( loops...) , is anybody here with multichannel interface and speakers , who wants to give it a try ... ?

deckypoo1 - 04:42

hey there. can anyone help me install this onto my raspberry pi? i just dowloaded the linux software... now what

Hector_Valdivia - 23:05

This website has blocked my IPaddress for some reason. I am able to login via my data plan on my phone or using a VPN...How do I get unblocked?

handbellguy - 22:31

I am on a fmb as well.

deckypoo1 - 22:31

just the micro sd lol

deckypoo1 - 22:30

yeah... i bought a bundle that didn't include the adapter.

handbellguy - 22:27

@derek many micro cards come with the adapter. Also, willing to test.

deckypoo1 - 22:21

so I'm at a standstill. thought I would explore the soundjack on my mac

deckypoo1 - 22:21

was setting up my raspberry pi FMB but don't have an adaptor for my micro sd to download the Argon OS...

deckypoo1 - 22:20

hello! it's derek chester here

OldPro92 - 21:19

When Soundjack is open, nothing appears. All I get is the icon in the upper left corner.

OldPro92 - 17:35

After moving SJC to the Applications Folder, and removing Security problems, I was informed that it couldn't open the file. Anyone have a workaround for this?

OldPro92 - 17:21

Never mind - they just don't let you rename it.

OldPro92 - 17:03

I'm on a Mac OS 10.14.6. The system can't open the dmg file, says it doesn't recognize it. Any solutions?

sopteach - 00:01

Cascade: is your soundjack app open on your computer? You need the app open and the webpage on stage

cascadevoiceacademy - 21:39

I keep getting anerror message :connection issue between stage and sjc. Any thoughts?

Cunha - 21:29

any one to test?

Cunha - 21:28

someone here can get a call with me to test the system?

WendyLJones - 21:13

Got i

WendyLJones - 21:05

My FMB won't connect. Got taken to the "new site" a few times before I could get it here. First time since I hooked up on SJ that this won't work

Hector_Valdivia - 20:35

Hi Matthew Z! I tried to use your link you sent, but it does not connect RU there?

ChrisRogan - 14:53

I've an older OS system than 10.13. Anyone had any success with El Capitan? Thanks

cascadevoiceacademy - 21:22

Hey! can anyone test connect withm e>

alyssatoepfer - 19:45

I'll test connect with you @JuliaScozz

JuliaScozz - 19:13

anyone wanna test connect?

JuliaScozz - 18:34

We are also stuck on "trying?" suggestion for fix?


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