Dev status

If you report of a bug, a crash or other forms of disfunction please provide as much information as possible (under which conditions, after which amount of time, after application of which parameters etc.). A single info such as "it crashes" or "it does not work" is completely useless to us. Ideally provide a short screen cast of what is happening on your machine as this is the most effective way to figure to actual problem.


Current Soundjack version (Released Monday, 11th of June 2020):

  • 16 channel support and channel selector (requires debugging – please report)
  • first official mixing server implementation (Mix server Nürnberg)
  • bypass of the SJ mixer / direct output of received streams to an audio server (individual channel mapping)
  • internal UDP port change to 50050
  • Allow peers to behave like mixing servers (send the received sum to anyone connected)
  • Windows: Show ASIO control panal as replacement for sample buffer configuration
  • Windows: WASAPI support for inbuilt soundcards (avoid sample buffers < 512)


Currently priorizized requests:

  • IPv6 support
  • inbuilt metronome
  • 96 kHz and 192 kHz support
  • implementation of a VST interface (delayed)
  • Video debugging on Linux and improvement on OSX and Windows 
  • Soundjack hardware (done, beta tests running – see


Not scheduled yet:

  • 32 bit Linux version
  • Casual ID user list conflicts
  • More mixer features such as panning
  • implementation of a streaming server
  • MIDI Support
  • communicate user status (waiting for calls, private, auto decline)
  • iOS / Android implementation
  • profile features such as instrument, availability etc.


Chat (time zone: UTC)

Tamikaze - 15:32

Will being streaming for a bit for tests...wondering how long 10.9.5 will be supported...

jazzalex - 13:22

Hi Bernd, sorry, bin gerade in einer Dev-Session für die nächste Release. Können gern später sprechen/spielen.

WendyLJones - 13:14

111 Thanks @IAN!!!!!!

aw1000k - 12:15

Ok here goes. In a few mins I will be streaming my practicing with backing tracks. Location is central NY state. Let me know if you want to play along

aw1000k - 11:48

hello all. I'm hoping to do a real-time test from Ny state in US

NguyendowsXP - 02:43

isomorgan, is that you?

NguyendowsXP - 02:42

morgankcollin, is that you?

kgjames - 02:06

111 thanks to @Ian!!!!

pepperman33 - 21:12


CipeSongs - 18:25

Anyone playing blues or similar and want a guitarist?

LHLR - 07:37

Thank's that more clear. Have a good day I m trying to promote your product in France We are not a lot!

jazzalex - 07:33

For LAN usage you don't need port forwarding at all. For WAN you sometimes need it but you can forward to one machine only - that's a general forwarding principle.

LHLR - 07:30

Ok no problem with UDP port 50050 used by both @IP ? My box refuse to add a rule for the second @IP

jazzalex - 07:28

left side - fourth choice box from the top

jazzalex - 07:27

Simply hit the "play" button for this user in the same LAN. Ideally switch the local network interface to VPN - this will ensure that the private IP is used.

LHLR - 07:26

My config is fine with my desktop and port forwarding is correct with my @IP. I want to connect a second machine on my LAN. How to proceed in that case? Thanks for your help

JamTuner - 07:25

hi lhlr

JamTuner - 07:24

on my machine , hovering the cursor over the jitter box triggers the tooltip but it isn't consistant- I would think that you we shouldn't have to "hunt" to make tooltip appear

LHLR - 07:23


JamTuner - 07:20

trying to make the tooltip "stick" now, it is not happening

soulalex - 07:20

If you have one tooltip visible it should fade off after 2 seconds.

soulalex - 07:19

Ah ! Probably you tried before relaunching the STAGE.

soulalex - 07:19

No in terms of reproducing or in terms of fading after 2 seconds :-) ?

JamTuner - 07:19

now it is not happening

JamTuner - 07:16


soulalex - 06:58

Can you reproduce this ? Does the tooltip fade after 2 seconds for you ?

JamTuner - 06:51

refreshing page clears the tip

JamTuner - 06:49

JamTuner - 06:48

tooltip staying visible over another "layer" of same tooltip :)

JamTuner - 06:47

"Set jitter buffer size – lower values lead to lower latency but also to higher probability of audio drop outs"

JamTuner - 06:46

got one stuck right now

jazzalex - 06:31

Modified the tooltip functionalilty. Please check if it still stays visible in some use cases.

lberger - 02:52


pronick - 00:18

connect to me if you need a drummer

pronick - 00:17

anyone need a drummer

Brian144 - 23:19

New user here. Would love to chat or improvise with anyone who wants to stop by. I have my flute and tenor sax at the ready.

LaurenMikeal - 20:57

It won't let me see room 8?

fortepianist - 20:54

handbellguy: I'm in room 8 but can't connect with you

LaurenMikeal - 20:39

fortepiano - i am free when you get back

handbellguy - 20:06

Amy, reenter the stage


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